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We aspire to be the safest natural gas company, and prevent harm to people wherever we have a presence.

Safety comes first wherever we operate.

Health and safety come first in Santos’ operating locations and the communities where we have a presence, guided by our ‘Always Safe’ value. For Santos, managing health and safety goes beyond targets and reporting.

Our leading health and safety performance objectives are to:

  • Make safety simple and focus on eliminating long term/life altering disablement or impairment.
  • Learn from High Potential Events and near misses. We prioritise elimination, substitution or engineering controls to prevent reoccurrences.
  • Be a leader in health and well-being.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations.

Well trained, competent and certified employees and contractors are essential for the successful achievement of these objectives and sustaining a focus on reducing harm. Our mandatory ‘life saving rules’ help guide our workplace safety culture, which is everyone’s responsibility.

Our safety performance reflects our sustained focus on reducing harm. Between 2017 and 2020:

  • Lost Time injuries reduced by 75 per cent.
  • Moderate Harm injuries* reduced by 80 per cent.

*Moderate Harm injury is defined as temporary disablement or medium-term impairment (weeks to months).

Read more about our health and safety performance in the 2021 Sustainability Report.


80% Reduction in Moderate Harm incidents from 2017 to 2020, despite significantly higher operational activity levels over the same period.

Case study: Fast-tracked measures to keep the Bayu-Undan workforce COVID-19 safe

Safeguarding the health of the workforce is consistently a key priority for Santos across all locations. This importance was heightened as the COVID-19 crisis deepened around the world. Our employees and contractors worked tirelessly to plan and implement virus mitigation and workforce protection measures across all offices and operating locations.

One component of this response included the rapid establishment of facilities for our Timorese and Australian workforce to

proactively isolate for seven days before travelling to our onshore Bayu-Undan facilities in the Timor Sea. To establish the facilities in Dili, long-term contractor Compass Group was engaged to implement the logistics, cleaning and catering requirements at the facility. An additional 38 Timorese locals were hired to support the effort.

Facility and hygiene processes and procedures were implemented within two weeks as a result of collaboration between the Timor-Leste and the Australian based Compass Group and Santos teams. This included specialised training for cleaning and food preparation. The rapid implementation of these played an important role in the Bayu-Undan workforce remaining COVID-19 free.

Compass Group staff preparing meals at the Dili pre-mobilisation isolation facility.