We are committed to operating sustainably.

We can make better, more informed business decisions through consideration of a broader suite of performance indicators beyond traditional economic measures. We look at sustainability by understanding our business activities in four key areas of community, environment, our people and economic. For each of these four sustainability quadrants we have six performance indicators.

Performance is rated on a ten-point scale based on the quality of our systems and the on-the-ground performance of our operations. The scores are independently verified and published in our annual sustainability report.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Our Sustainability Scorecard

  • 9-10 Recognised leader
  • 7-8 High performance
  • 5-6 Implementation and compliance focus
  • 3-4 Developing policy/systems
  • 1-2 No procedure in place, poor performance

Santos' Sustainability Scorecard

Santos drives performance through our sustainability scorecard. Implemented in 2005, the scorecard is used to annually set targets and measure and report our performance.

Measuring our performance across a comprehensive suite of sustainability indicators provides a way which Santos can benchmark its performance, identify efficiency opportunities, address any corrective actions and recognise good performance. 

Santos’ sustainability scorecard is the principal tool that we use to measure our sustainability performance. A company-wide assessment is conducted annually on a calendar year basis.

To give a visual representation of the scoring, the resultant score for each sustainability indicator is mapped onto the scorecard diagram.

Further details about Santos’ management approach, performance and initiatives are reported in our annual sustainability report. The content of our Sustainability Report is indexed against the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Santos voluntarily discloses to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and CDP Climate Change.

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