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In recognition of the Arts and its important contribution to communities, Santos recently supported the Syd Owen Photography Workshop and Art Exhibition in Wandoan and the Winter Workshops in Taroom. Both events brought community members together to promote art and cultural development in the region as well as encourage social and mental wellbeing and inclusion.

The Wandoan Arts Council hosted the Syd Owen Photography Workshop in preparation for their upcoming art exhibition. The workshop saw attendees meet for a two-day event to learn not only the basics of photography but some helpful tips and tricks from a photography expert. The exhibition fosters whole community involvement by allowing participants and the community to showcase their work. Overall, both events are beneficial in fostering health and wellbeing within the community through skills development and social inclusion.

The Taroom Winter Workshop was hosted by the Taroom District Development Association and local artist Emily Blackley. Through the workshop, participants connected whilst also learning the art of resin making and came away with some special pieces including jewellery. This event granted attendees the opportunity to enrich themselves and learn new skills whilst promoting mental and social health.