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Santos is proud to be driving change in regional education by helping provide access to higher education for regional communities through our partnership with Country Universities Centre (CUC).

Regional towns can sometimes struggle to retain skilled workers because many young people move to larger cities to attend university and do not return when they are qualified. CUC provides campus-style facilities in regional towns where locals can undertake study via remote learning, empowering students to pursue their study ambitions while remaining a part of their wider community.

These centres remove barriers to success for students learning via distance by providing a classroom environment, high-speed internet, and a dedicated study space free from the distractions of home. Providing local access to tertiary and vocational education keeps skills in town, contributing to the regional economy and community.

Santos has partnered with CUC for over three years, sponsoring two campuses near our Roma and Narrabri operations − CUC Maranoa in Queensland and CUC North West in New South Wales.

At CUC North West, over 134 students from over 35 different universities enrolled in first semester this year, of whom 57 per cent were over 25 years of age. Importantly, between December 2021 and March 2022, the number of students at the centre who identified as Indigenous increased from seven per cent to 13 per cent.

At CUC Maranoa, 163 students have registered since the centre’s opening last year, with over 94 per cent of 2022 registrations living in the region.

We are proud to support local capacity building and career pathways in our regional communities, keeping our local communities thriving with skilled and qualified workers. Read more about CUC here.