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Our Roles

Working at Santos isn’t just a job, it’s the opportunity for you to excel in your chosen career path and challenge yourself professionally within collaborative, high-performing teams.

The opportunities for ongoing professional development and on-the-job training will allow you to explore your potential with your experiences contributing to the ongoing growth of our business.

Geoscientists play a key role at Santos in adding value to the company through finding and developing oil and gas fields. Our geoscientists are involved in all aspects of the exploration and development of hydrocarbons, from identifying exciting new drilling opportunities in frontier exploration to working in multidisciplinary teams with engineers to apply innovative techniques aimed at maximising the recovery of oil and gas from the reservoir rocks.

Geoscience professionals that can be found at Santos include:

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Palynologists
  • Biostratigraphers

Santos has been absolutely wonderful in that they’ve let me have lots of varied roles. My previous employer wanted me to be very technically narrow – but Santos has allowed me to switch through different disciplines, to give me the skills needed to really do this job well.

Subsurface Engineering covers a wide range of specialty roles that work collaboratively across many teams to develop oil and gas reserves. In recognition of the subsurface uncertainties, subsurface engineers integrate with a number of disciplines internally and externally in compiling the development plans and strategies leading to estimation of reserves and resources that lead directly to significant long and short-term investment decisions and budget requirements.

Some of the opportunities at Santos and in the exploration and production industry include:

  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Completions Engineer
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Fracture Stimulation Engineer
  • Production Optimisation Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer

The varied role at Santos has really provided me with a wide range of experience, which I can now take to my unconventional role within the reservoir studies team.

Surface Engineers are exposed to a wide variety of challenging working environments within the areas of design, project management, operations and reliability of surface equipment. Whether you are designing new equipment, managing a multi-million dollar project, optimising a plant’s production or troubleshooting the reliability of a facility, there are many exciting opportunities working with plant and equipment as a Surface Engineer within Santos.

Engineering within Santos offers opportunities for:

  • Process Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical and Control Systems Engineers
  • Process / Chemical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Pipeline Engineers

I’m able to influence at all levels of the organisation. Santos provides opportunities to be in the office, in the field, at different assets, and to develop our careers from there.

Working in both field and office locations, the Santos EHS team is exposed to a wide variety of challenging projects which could involve providing advice, technical support, developing and implementing programs, providing training, conducting risk assessments, auditing, conducting investigations, analysing data or being at the forefront of innovation.

I have tremendous variety in my job, and that’s why I love it so much. I’m always learning, there are always new challenges, and so many opportunities – from running snake-handling programs to doing contaminated soil remediation. Santos gives me opportunities to explore different avenues, in a job that I’m passionate about.

Planning teams at Santos plan and schedule reliability events, construction projects and development programs. We also have teams that execute production planning and business planning. Whichever of these teams are suited to your planning and scheduling skills, you will find a dynamic learning environment that will continue to challenge.

One of the best things is the opportunity to collaborate with different areas of the business. You get to build lots of great relationships, and all the knowledge you gain gives you a good opportunity to progress.

As a department of dynamic, customer-focused individuals from diverse backgrounds, the Information Systems group works in a fast-paced environment with leading-edge technology.

Information Systems positions within Santos include:

  • Business Analysts
  • Project / Program Leaders
  • Service Centre Support
  • Application Specialists

Infrastructure and Networking Specialists

I felt Santos was large enough to take on some of those major projects – but it’s also small enough to care about its people. I like that.

With the challenges of servicing remote sites, sometimes with a limited supply base, due to our geographical position and size there is never a dull moment in our Procurement and Logistics roles.

Working in both field and office locations roles encompass purchasing, contract development and management, logistics, warehousing, inventory management, accounts payable and supply chain systems.

Santos has offered a lot of opportunities, as well as some challenges, for instance involving the remoteness of locations. But challenges are exciting, and every day is not a boring day!

The Human Resources team works with the business to help look after Santos’ most valued asset – our people.

In support of our company values, we recognise the importance of building a workplace that is inclusive and where employees take pride in telling people they work for Santos.

The various areas in Human Resources that support our business include:

  • Human Resource Business Partnering
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Organisational Development
  • Indigenous Participation
  • Remuneration
  • Learning and Development
  • Payroll and Employee Records

Being able to attract, retain and award the right people makes us more competitive. Santos uses HR at quite a strategic level, and that’s different from what I see in other companies.

As a finance professional in a complex business you may be providing services to areas of the business from exploration, development, marketing and operations through to mergers and divestments.

Our teams include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Treasury
  • Risk
  • Audit
  • Corporate Development
  • Investor Relations

I was looking for a company that was big enough to do large, interesting projects, but small enough that you can make a difference as an individual. I have a broad-ranging strategic role, and I’m actively encouraged to get involved wherever across the project, rather than being boxed in to a very narrow role.

As a member of the Company Secretariat team, you are involved in administering the governance of the Santos group of companies. This means overseeing compliance with statutory requirements, including corporations legislation and stock exchange rules.

As a member of the Legal Department, you are proactively engaged in identifying and enabling business solutions, enabling legal compliance and assisting achievement of excellent business results. You will participate in cross-functional initiatives where your expertise is valued. Whether you are providing legal support to operations, exploration or growth activities, you will be involved in a dynamic and exciting business.

I love being in-house at Santos, because you get to work across a range of issues and a range of areas. There’s never a dull moment, and it’s a great team.

Our Public Affairs department is a talented group of individuals in the space of Government Relations, Community Relations, External Affairs, Communications and Public Affairs roles.

Santos is big enough that you’ve got exposure to world scale big projects, yet it’s small enough that as an individual contributor, you can actually make a difference to those projects.

Our Administrative Assistants provide support to our key leaders and their teams and work with internal and external stakeholders providing a confidential, proactive and important service to our Senior Leadership Team.

Technical Assistants offer para-professional support to our engineers and geoscientists in corporate and specialist technical areas

From follow-me printing to wireless internet, these facilities are available in all Santos locations around Australia – so if I need to go to the Brisbane or the Perth office, I can fit straight in.

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