Life at Santos

We believe you “work to live”…and not the other way around!  This is one reason why we offer a comprehensive benefits package. 

We also know that “one size doesn't fit all” so as an employee of Santos, you have the opportunity to tailor a variety of benefits that best fit you and your lifestyle.


  • Superannuation

    Santos contributes 10.5% of base salary toward an employee’s superannuation fund. The Santos superannuation fund is an accumulation fund managed by Mercer Super Trust. This fund also provides insurance benefits such as income protection to most members. You can, however, nominate a fund of your choice.

  • Performance Incentives

    Santos offers Performance Incentive Scheme (STI) which is based on annual Company and individual performance.


  • Company Gyms
    Santos offers well-equipped gymnasiums and Health Programs to all Santos employees and contractors located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cooper Basin and Eastern Queensland. A membership rebate is available on locations without access to a Santos gym.
  • Paid Parental Leave

    Employees who have completed at least one year of continuous service with Santos will be eligible to paid leave for the first 16 weeks and up to 52 weeks' leave to care for a newborn or adopted child.

    Employees on unpaid parental leave will continue to receive superannuation contributions

  • Training and Development
    Santos has a strong focus on continuous professional development. We have developed a large range of internal training programs covering individuals and teams. Employees also have access to an internal library for continued professional development.
  • Flexible Work
    We understand the importance of flexible work options in maintaining a diverse, adaptable and high performing workforce. Our flexible work policies allow discussion between you and your manager to optimise your work time. You can also access additional purchased leave options.
  • Social Club
    Santos employees may choose to become a financial member of the Santos Social Club. Membership gives access to a variety of functions and events held over the year including discounts on a variety of goods and services.
  • Employee Assistance Program

    To assist employees in the ups and downs of everyday life, Santos offers access to confidential and professional counselling. This is free to employees for up to four visits.


  • Shareplus Employee Share Program

    Take part in Share1000 or ShareMATCH – the chance to be a Santos shareholder. This program is offered annually subject to Board approval

  • Banking Deposits

    Santos employees can access banking discounts across a range of products offered by various institutions.

  • Medical Insurance

    Santos offers a discounted corporate health plan through a leading health insurance provider that can be accessed by existing and new members.

  • Insurance Discounts

    Santos employees can receive discounts on home, contents, landlord, motor vehicle and travel insurances.

  • Motor Vehicle Discounts

    A range of corporate discounts are offered across a range of cars.

  • Study Assistance

    Santos provides financial study assistance towards approved studies that support business growth and provide individual development in capacities that are aligned with the business.  Employees may be granted up to five days' paid study leave per year for exams and three hours per week during the semester for attendance at approved classes.

  • Professional Memberships

    Reimbursement for the expense associated with one professional membership per annum.

  • Service Anniversary Gifts

    Valued employees will be recognised with achievement of certain service milestones.

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