Our safety approach

Santos is committed to being the safest oil and gas operator in Australia and preventing harm to our people. We believe in keeping ourselves and others safe and that we are all health and safety leaders.

Santos Safe

Our Santos Safe strategy is aligned with our Santos values and features three elements designed to drive improved safety outcomes and lower levels of harm to our people and the environment.

  • We will focus on preventing harm to our people and the environment, and ensure we can demonstrate effective controls are in place for high risk exposures
  • We will train our people such that we have a risk competent workforce and capable safety leaders at all levels of the organisation
  • We will be a learning organisation, learning from good and bad outcomes at all levels of the organisation

Santos includes health and safety into our planning, decision making and asset management. It is integrated into everything we do and we are committed to building safety capability throughout our business through fit-for-purpose tools, systems, processes and governance.


Our people, our strength

At Santos, we know that sustainable business performance starts with our people. Our teams are made up of a diverse group of individuals whose different backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives can challenge traditional methods and promote innovative solutions.

Santos’ people, their skills and ideas are fundamental to the company’s ability to prosper and grow.

We believe attracting the right people, maximising their contribution to the business and rewarding their performance are all vital ingredients to the company’s ongoing success.

Santos appreciates that diversity makes us a more equal and rewarding workplace. Our goal is to be a healthy, fulfilling and supportive place to work, whether in the office, on an offshore rig or in remote field locations.


Health and wellbeing

We believe in a healthy, happy, skilled and diverse workforce, and that means supporting our people in their health and wellbeing in and outside of work. 

We take a proactive approach, offering specialist advice, one-on-one support and guidance and programs to encourage participation and ongoing commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work fitness.