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We aspire to having a net-zero environmental footprint.

Protecting environmental values through all project and operational stages.

Santos is committed to preventing harm to the environment as a result of our project and operational activities. We operate in diverse locations that have unique biodiversity and land features. We have strong processes in place to identify and understand environmental values, and mitigate potential risks. Subject matter experts are engaged to conduct ongoing measurement of water, waste, air and biodiversity indicators to ensure that we meet Santos’ high environmental standards.

Read more about our approach to mitigating environmental risk and maximising beneficial outcomes throughout the lifecycle of all our activities in the 2021 Sustainability Report.

Access our Water Portal to view results from our surface water and groundwater monitoring programs, and access information about our responsible water management strategies.

Case study: North West Shoals to Shore
Research Program

The offshore North West Shelf of Australia is widely acknowledged for its exceptional ecosystems and diversity of habitats. Oil and gas exploration and operational activities are undertaken in this region. For the potential environmental risks associated with these activities to be managed, it is important to understand the biodiversity and have ready access to high-quality scientific information.

Santos identified an industry-leading opportunity to fund a large-scale series of scientific studies to better understand the

seabed habitats and biodiversity, threatened species and the isolated coral reef atolls of the North West Shelf. Marine noise monitoring and understanding long and short-term impacts were also included as part of the studies. To enable this, Santos partnered with the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and committed $14 million of funding to undertake the three year North West Shoals to Shore Research Program.

In 2020, a significant milestone was achieved with the last of the scientific studies included within the Program being completed. Full details of the latest published findings, newsletters, images and videos
can be viewed at the North West Shoals to Shore Research Program website.

Prolific marine life studied as part of the North West Shoals to Shore Research Program. Photo: Nick Thake.