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Barossa Gas Project: Learn more

Santos Ltd, as Operator on behalf of the Patchawarra Southwest Block Joint Venture Parties, announces the discovery of a new gas field in the South Australian sector of the Cooper/Eromanga Basins.

The block gas exploration well, Welcome Lake East 1, flowed gas at 103,600 cubic metres per day (3.66 million cubic feet per day) with associated condensate (55 API at 60F) at a rate of 13 kilolitres per day (81.5 barrels) from reservoir sands in the Early Permian Patchawarra Formation, over the interval 2697 – 2712 m. The test was run through a 13mm (0.5) surface choke.

The Welcome Lake East 1 well is located 5.8 km east of Nulla Field, 17 km from the Andree-Leleptian Field, and approximately 70 km northwest of the Moomba gas plant.

The well has reached a total depth of 2885m. Additional prospective zones are being reviewed for testing prior to the well being cased and suspended as a future gas producer.

The interest holders in the well are:

  • Santos Group 79.96%
  • Boral Energy Resources Ltd 13.19%
  • Gulf Australia Resources Ltd 4.75%
  • Cultus Group 2.10%

Delhi Petroleum Pty Ltd elected to not participate in the drilling of Welcome Lake East 1.