Founded in 1954, Santos has been active in the energy business for more than 60 years.

Its name was an acronym for South Australia Northern Territory Oil Search.

Santos made its first significant discovery of natural gas in the Cooper Basin with the Gidgealpa 2 well in 1963. The Moomba 1 discovery in 1966 confirmed this region as a major petroleum province.

As a result of these discoveries, Santos had a commercially viable quantity of gas and entered into gas sales agreements with the South Australian Gas Company, the Electricity Trust of South Australia and the Australian Gas Light Company. Gas supplies commenced in 1969.


Santos through the years

The 1980s saw Santos develop a major liquids business following the discovery of oil at Tirrawarra in central Australia in the early 1970s. A liquids recovery plant was built at Moomba, South Australia along with a fractionation and load-out facility at Port Bonython.

By the 1990s Santos had become a major Australian operating enterprise with interests in United States and United Kingdom petroleum provinces and in emerging areas such as the Timor Sea and Carnarvon Basin in Western Australia.

A number of acquisitions in the 1990s provided Santos with additional opportunities onshore and offshore Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

In 2011 the Santos GLNG project was sanctioned. First production of LNG was announced on 24 September 2015. The first shipment of LNG left Curtis Island on 16 October 2015 and was delivered in South Korea on 28 October 2015.

In 2014, Santos celebrated 60 years since being incorporated on 18 March 1954.

In 2014 Santos celebrated its birthday
60 years
Since 1963 Gidgealpa-2 has produced 6 trillion cubic feet of gas Learn more

About Santos today

An Australian energy pioneer

Santos is an Australian natural gas company. Established in 1954, the company is proud to deliver the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas to homes and businesses throughout Australia and Asia.

The Santos turnaround

Five core long-life natural gas assets sit at the heart of a disciplined, focused strategy to drive sustainable shareholder value: the Cooper Basin, GLNG, Papua New Guinea, Northern Australia and Western Australia Gas. Each of these core assets provide stable production, long-term revenue streams and significant upside opportunities.