Cooper Basin Naphtha

Cooper Basin naphtha is a unique product in that it can be 'tailored' through a naphtha splitter into light and heavy naphtha for desired quality storage and sale requirements. Cooper Basin naphtha has a very low sulphur content so the need for refinery hydroheating is minimised and has a negligible lead content.

Current sales volumes of Cooper Basin naphtha (heavy and light) are approximately 6,000 bbls per day.

Key PropertiesHeavyLight
Heavy Full Range Light Density (kg.m3) @ 15°C 739 662
API Gravity (degrees) 59.9 82.2
Sulphur (ppm) <3 13
Lead (ppb) <1 <1
Gross Heating Value (MJ/Kg) 47.1 48.0
Colour Saybolt +30 +30
RVP (Kpa) 21 83

Cooper Basin Naphtha Assay Data

The pdf below provides indicative specifications for various properties across a standard set of cuts and distillation summaries.