Bayu-Undan Condensate

The Bayu-Undan condensate field commenced production in March 2004 at a rate of 53,000 barrels per day.

Key Properties 
API Gravity 63.7
Sulphur (wgt%) 0.007
RVP, psi 10.05
Total Acid Number <0.04
Pour Point (ºC) -36
LPG (C4 minus) 6.47
Lt Naphtha C5 - 70ºC (vol%) 30.42
Hvy Naphtha C5 70º - 140ºC (vol%) 31.07
Jet/Kero 140º - 260ºC (vol%) 20.92
Diesel 260º - 360ºC (vol%) 7.49
360ºC+ (vol%) 3.63
Hvy Naphtha N+A (vol%) 39.0
Combined Naphtha Paraffin Content (vol%) 69.4
Diesel Cetane Index 62.8

Bayu-Undan Condensate Assay Data

The pdf below provides indicative specifications for various properties across a standard set for cuts and distillation summaries.