Liquids Marketing

Santos' liquids marketing activities cover Santos’ equity interest in crude oil, condensate, LPG and naphtha from all producing fields.

Santos is operator of the South Australian Cooper Basin Joint Venture which produces crude oil, LPG and naphtha and the Mutineer-Exeter crude oil fields offshore Western Australia.

Santos is an equity partner and has interests in fields offshore Western Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Australia Timor-Leste Joint Petroleum Development Area.

Onshore Australia

  • Cooper Basin
  • Crude oil
  • LPG
  • Naphtha


Offshore Australia

  • Barrow Island crude oil 
  • Bayu-Undan condensate
  • Bayu-Undan LPG
  • Mutineer-Exeter crude oil
  • Stag crude oil


Asia Pacific

  • Chim Sao crude oil
  • Kutubu crude oil
  • PNG LNG naphtha
  • Oyong crude oil