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Our Operations

Spanning the borders of northeast South Australia and southwest Queensland, the Cooper and Eromanga Basins house Australia’s largest onshore oil and gas field development.

Santos discovered the first commercial hydrocarbon resource (natural gas) in 1963 and first oil in 1970. Santos now produces sales gas, ethane, crude oil and gas liquids from these basins.

The Cooper Basin asset is strategically important, housing key infrastructure at Moomba in northeast South Australia. This Santos operated infrastructure is integral to the processing and transportation of natural gas and ethane around the east coast of Australia, supported by substantial underground storage facilities suitable for natural gas, ethane and carbon dioxide.

Natural gas liquids recovered at the Moomba plant are sent together with stabilised crude oil and condensate via a 659 kilometre pipeline to Port Bonython, South Australia, for further processing. Products including naphtha, crude oil, propane and butane are sold to domestic customers via the road tanker loading facilities and export customers via the ship loading facility.

A Lower Carbon Future

We are also investing in projects in the Cooper Basin to reduce our carbon footprint. Santos is investing in initiatives including deployment of solar energy, waste heat recovery at Moomba and appraisal of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. Our innovative project to convert beam pumps on oil wells to solar and batteries won the support of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency in 2018.