Santos made its first discovery in the Carnarvon Basin in 1984 and today, is well positioned to leverage its established domestic gas hubs and strong portfolio position through uncontracted reserves and capacity to meet short and long-term demand.

Gas and condensate from the John Brookes and Spar fields is piped to the Varanus Island processing facility where the condensate is removed and the raw gas processed. The sales gas is then transported to mainland Western Australia via two 100-kilometre pipelines, where it is supplied to major mining and industrial customers.

Gas and condensate from the offshore Reindeer field is transported to the onshore Devil Creek processing plant via a 105-kilometre pipeline. Sales gas is then compressed and sent to the Western Australia domestic gas market.

Santos will continue to support our Western Australian gas assets in the Carnarvon Basin via near-field exploration opportunities.

Our low-cost operations have the capacity and reserves to meet short and long-term demand as we focus on growing production and market share in the Western Australian domestic market.

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