Carnarvon Basin

Located off the coast of Western Australia.

Santos has been steadily building its substantial position in the Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia, since first production from the Talisman oil field in 1989.

The Carnarvon Basin is a critical element in the growth strategy for Santos’ Australian base business.

Santos is one of the largest suppliers of gas to the Western Australian domestic market, with gas from three offshore fields processed through the Varanus Island and Devil Creek plants and sold to major mining and industrial customers.

Santos is a major oil and gas liquids producer in the Carnarvon Basin, and delivered the Fletcher Finucane oil project in May 2013 on schedule and under budget. This project was developed as a tie-back to the existing facilities at Mutineer-Exeter, and added to Santos’ portfolio of oil assets.

There are options to grow this business through additional gas sales from the Reindeer field, additional processing capacity at the Devil Creek plant, and follow-on projects in the Spar and John Brookes gas fields. Santos has also identified a number of follow-up opportunities in the Carnarvon Basin, which will be explored over the next few years.



Permit Santos interest (%)
WA-1-P 22.6
WA-8-L (Amulet/Talisman) 37.4*
WA-13-L (East Spar) 45
WA-20-L (Legendre) 22.6
WA-26-L (Mutineer) 37.5*
WA-27-L (Exeter) 37.5*
WA-33-R (Maitland) 18.7
WA-48-R (Hurricane) 37.3*
WA-41-L (Reindeer) 45
WA-45-L (Spar) 45
WA-45-R 15
WA-49-R (Zola) 24.8
WA-54-L (Fletcher) 50.0*
WA-54-L (Finucane) 37.5*
WA-191-P 37.5*
WA-208-P 37.3*
WA-209-P 45
WA-214-P, WA-29-L, WA-50-R (John Brookes) 45
WA-290-P 24.8
WA-323-P (Winchester) 75*
WA-330-P 75*
L1H, L  10, EP 61, EP 62, TL/3, TR/6,  (Barrow Island) 28.6
TL/4, TR/4, TL/7, L 12, L 13 (Thevenard Island) 35.7

*Operated by Santos.