Cooper Unconventional

Patchawarra Trough / Nappamerri Trough, onshore central Australia, approximately 770 kilometres north of Adelaide.


About the Exploration

World scale unconventional resource potential

  1. Large opportunity given resource potential and market demand
  2. Proven flow from all Cooper Basin plays (Tight Sand, Deep Coal and Shale)
  3. Targeting sweet spots and testing well designs to improve flow rates and lower unit costs
Patchawarra Trough
Condensate Rich Deep Coal tchawarra Trough
  • 10 deep coal ‘add-on’ frac stages now flow tested across Cooper Basin; averaging 0.3 mmscf/d with up to 1 mmscf/d achieved with associated condensate volume.
  • PEL 570 liquids-rich Deep Coal Play; drilling the first dedicated deep coal well with ~5 stages planned; and 3D-seismic
  • Tirrawarra South-1 flowed 0.3 mmscf/d from Deep Coal with condensate at ~40bbls/mmscf; to be connected as first dedicated deep coal producer in the basin
Nappamerri Trough
Multiple Targets
  • Langmuir-1 flowed at peak rate of 1.5 mmscf/d
  • Moomba-194 five stage frac achieved peak rate of 3.5 mmscf/d
  • 3D seismic acquired in Gaschnitz area for sweet spot identification
  • Further 3 wells drilled in Gaschnitz area accessing stacked BCG tight sands, shales and deep coal
Moomba / Big Lake
Shale & Deep Dry Gas Coal
  • Moomba-191 flowed at commercial rates >3.0 mmscf/d
  • Roswell-2H, 5 frac, 1500ft horizontal, flowed stable rate of 0.8 mmscf/d
  • Moomba-193H, 10 frac, 3000ft horizontal; first horizontal shale producer connected in the basin; currently flowing at 1.1 mmscf/d
    Roswell-1: Deep dry gas coal frac test: single stage flowed ~0.4mmscf/d