Cooper Basin

The Cooper Basin contains approximately 150 gas fields and 90 oil fields currently on production. These fields contain approximately 700 producing gas wells and more than 360 producing oil wells which feed into production facilities at Moomba in South Australia and Ballera in Queensland through approximately 5,600 kilometres of pipelines and flowlines via 15 major satellite facilities incorporating field boost compression (65 satellite compressors, 15 nodal compressors).

The Moomba facility also incorporates substantial underground storage for processed sales gas and ethane, while Ballera has a smaller underground storage system for processed sales gas.

Natural gas liquids are recovered via a refrigeration process in the Moomba plant and sent together with stabilised crude oil and condensate via pipeline to Port Bonython near Whyalla, South Australia.

Ethane is sent to Qenos in Sydney via a dedicated pipeline. Sales gas is sent to Adelaide and Sydney via pipelines from Moomba and sales gas is sent to Mt Isa and to Brisbane via pipeline.