Located onshore central Australia, south-west Queensland, approximately 90 kilometres east of the South Australia-Queensland border and about 950 kilometres north of Adelaide.



Santos – 60.0625% (operator)
Beach – 23.2%
Origin – 16.74%


The first commercial gas discovery was made in the Roseneath field in 1969.
The first commercial Jurassic oil discovery was made in the Jackson field in 1981.

First Production

Gas sales to Adelaide commenced in 1994.
Gas sales to Brisbane commenced in 1997.
Gas sales to Mt Isa commenced in 1998.

About the Development

The facility accepts production from approximately 45 gas fields containing about 130 producing gas wells through approximately 450 kilometres of pipelines and flowlines.

All field boost compression is located at the plant. Further nodal compression is operational at Yanda, Challum and Munkah/Wackett. The Ballera facility also incorporates the Chookoo storage facility that is used for the storage and processing of sales gas at the Chookoo field.

Sales gas is sent to Mt Isa via an 800-kilometre pipeline. The remaining gas, natural gas liquids and condensate are sent to Moomba via the 180-kilometre Ballera-Moomba pipeline. No crude oil is processed at Ballera. All oil is sent to the Jackson facility 65 kilometres to the south-east.

The central processing plant comprises:

  • Inlet separators.
  • A potassium carbonate CO2 removal train.
  • Glycol gas dehydration.
  • A Dew Point Control separation train.
  • Export compression.


Water is provided from local bores and is purified through a membrane treatment plant. 45 MW electricity generation capacity is on site. The plant is serviced by a jet-capable sealed airstrip.