PNG Foreland

Papua New Guinea Foreland, south of the central Highlands.


About the Exploration

Given Santos’ long-term future in Papua New Guinea via its stake in PNG LNG, the company has commenced a renewed focus on exploration.

In 2013, Santos farmed in to exploration licences in the Papua New Guinea Foreland, south of the central Highlands. Initial results have been encouraging with discoveries at Manta-1 and NW Koko-1 exploration wells. In December 2013, Santos also was awarded a position in PRL-38 in the offshore Gulf of Papua, containing the Pandora gas field.

In early October 2014, the Hides F1 (Hides Deep) well was spudded and reached a total depth of 4,633 metres in March 2015. Thick argillaceous sandstone intervals were encountered in the exploration target, the Koi-Iange Formation, but wireline evaluation confirmed an absence of reservoir quality. As such the exploration component of the well was plugged and abandoned and the development section accessing the upper Toro reservoir interval was completed as a development well. Santos has a 24% interest in the exploration component of Hides F1.