New South Wales

Santos holds a number of Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELs) over the Gunnedah Basin and began exploring for natural gas in New South Wales in 2008.

Work was carried out around Gunnedah and in the Upper Hunter, with Santos’ four-well Kahlua pilot, the company’s first in NSW, completed in 2010 on privately owned land west of Gunnedah.

In November 2011, Santos completed its acquisition of Eastern Star Gas’ (ESG) acreage and operations near Narrabri, including six completed pilots in and around the Pilliga.

An extensive review and upgrade of facilities commenced, a number of operational sites were rehabilitated and eight new wells and one core hole were drilled.

Santos is currently seeking approval to develop a project based around the abundant natural gas resources in PEL 238 with the Environmental Impact Statement for the Narrabri Gas Project being assessed by the Government.

Santos estimates the Project could supply up to half of NSW’s natural gas needs and its proposed development is the focus of our work in NSW.

Environmental approval documents for Santos' work in NSW can be found on the Narrabri Gas Project website. Click here for more.