Remarkable safety records from our Indonesian operations

Over the span of nine years, the Indonesia Business unit displayed a remarkable safety record. 

From its operation centre to onshore processing facility in Grati, East Java and on to the offshore fields in the Madura Straits. 

These great achievements from the three fields were not made by luck, but through hard work and disciplined EHS efforts from everyone involved. All personnel must always ensure that operations are running safely without harming the people, the community and the environment. The challenge is to always maintain these safety records and to safely operate the Grati OPF, Oyong, Wortel, Maleo and Peluang fields while working to achieve our production targets.

• Grati OPF – 6 Years of Non-Lost Time to Injury (NLTI)

• Oyong – 8 Years of NLTI

• Maleo – 9 Years of NLTI