At Santos, we aim to keep waste generation to a minimum through greater efficiencies, reuse and recycling, thereby reducing our environmental impacts.

Efficient waste management can present opportunities to improve environmental outcomes, increase product recovery and reduce operating costs.

Our Environment, Health and Safety Management System waste standard defines the minimum acceptable standards for managing waste generation, transportation, storage, handling and disposal at all our sites and for all our activities. We use a waste management hierarchy approach to minimise waste production and disposal and ultimately reduce environmental impacts. The waste management hierarchy identifies waste management methods ranging from most to least preferable (avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle, treat and dispose). The standard also defines the process we use to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with waste management and develop and implement site-specific waste management plans. We also work closely with our suppliers to reduce waste in our supply chains.

Santos is focused on ensuring a consistent approach to waste management at all of our facilities so that improvements extend to all sites and can be measured with confidence.

Projects are ongoing to improve recycling and minimise waste volumes across all our operating areas.

We publicly report our waste volumes in our sustainability disclosures.