Biodiversity and land

Biodiversity and land protection is a cornerstone of Santos’ environmental performance.

We have strong processes in place to protect biodiversity and land in areas where we operate, including a rigorous environmental approvals process and the implementation of management plans that are developed in consultation with stakeholders.

Santos operates in diverse locations that have unique biodiversity and land features and we are focused on reducing environmental impacts. Our approach is: 

  • To identify and mitigate potential risks to biodiversity and land.
  • To identify opportunities to benefit environmental conservation.


Our Environment, Health and Safety Management System biodiversity and land standard defines the process we use to identify and mitigate potential risks to biodiversity and land and develop and implement site-specific management plans. We use constraints maps when planning activities to ensure that important environmental features are identified and avoided. Strictly applied on-ground procedures are in place to ensure that disturbance to sensitive ecosystems does not occur.

Santos monitors rehabilitation of disturbed land. Site assessments are conducted with non-conformances tracked in a company-wide audit and inspection manager tool.

Santos also works to preserve locations with high conservation value by supporting establishment and running of nature reserves and purchasing land to conserve, protect and manage.

We transparently report the impacts of our operations on biodiversity and land in our sustainability disclosures.