Reporting Misconduct

Santos is committed to best practice in corporate governance and high standards of ethical conduct. This includes ensuring that all of its companies, directors, officers, employees, contractors, consultants and advisers discharge their duties and contractual obligations ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws. While the majority of individuals conduct themselves appropriately, occasional deviations from acceptable practice may occur.

We encourage you to raise any concerns about our business conduct. In the first instance, this should be done directly with Santos personnel, who would be responsible for taking appropriate follow-up action on your behalf. Our leaders and directors are required to be open and supportive of any concerns brought to them.

If direct avenues have been exhausted, or are not appropriate in the circumstances, Santos has an independent hotline as an alternative. You could also write to us at the address given below.

Reports may be made confidentially. Matters reported will be investigated without bias, and there will be no adverse consequences for a person who makes a report in good faith.

Independent hotline
(free within Australia) 1800 629 632
(other countries) +61 3 9667 5070

Email: [email protected]
Fax: +61 3 9691 8182

Mail (free post in Australia only)
Santos Reporting Misconduct
Reply Paid 12628
A'Beckett Street, Victoria, 8006

Phone calls, detailed notes and/or emails will be dealt with confidentially and privacy will be protected. There may be, however, subject to any legal restrictions, circumstances where Santos is required to inform the appropriate authorities of your identity and to provide information to them. This will occur where it is considered that there has been criminal activity or an apparent breach of the law.