Land Access

Santos has a long and proud history of working with landholders across the country.

We have a dedicated team of land access representatives who work with landholders every day and we have hundreds of land access agreements in place.

Why do we need access to land?

Oil and natural gas are an important part of our everyday life.

To gain access to this vital resource Santos needs to explore beneath the ground to find rock types typically associated with oil and gas, and the areas we are interested in exploring are often located on landholders’ properties. We cannot do this alone.

Santos’ Approach to Land Access

Santos has developed a land access standard which defines actions and behaviours that:

  • Respect the business activities, livelihood and rights of landholders.
  • Minimise potential impacts to landholder’s ongoing land use and livelihood.
  • Demonstrate Santos’ commitment to the coexistence of authorised oil and gas activities with those of landholders.


The standard promotes timely, ethical, legal and sustainable relationships with landholders.

How do we ensure we have access to land?

Santos has a long and proud history of working with landholders across the country.

We have a dedicated team of land access representatives who work with landholders to ensure:

  • We are meeting applicable legal obligations, including the rights of landholders.
  • Landholders are engaged early to introduce Santos as a company and to provide information on potential future activities.
  • Potential constraints and opportunities associated with land access are identified and discussed with landholders.
  • Agreements are in place to support land access.
  • Dedicated Santos land access representatives are available to support landholders throughout the lifecycle of our operations.