Indigenous rights and cultural heritage

We aim to build enduring relationships with the Aboriginal communities within which we operate.

We operate under an overarching philosophy of commitment to respecting culture and development of communities.


Santos recognises and respects Aboriginal peoples’ attachment to their country and the importance of Aboriginal cultural heritage. We seek to involve Aboriginal people when managing any potential cultural heritage risk resulting from our operations.

Santos has never required any Aboriginal communities to resettle or relocate in order to provide us with access to land.

Santos has introduced a comprehensive cultural heritage management system to support compliance with legislation and agreements with traditional owners. Santos' development projects are required to consider implications for Aboriginal land, culture and communities before activities begin. 

Santos is committed to working with Aboriginal communities and to providing employment, training, education and enterprise opportunity associated with our industry.

Santos seeks to engage with communities at the earliest opportunity and to provide information that is relevant and accessible to those communities.

Santos manages the protection of cultural heritage using agreements negotiated with Aboriginal stakeholders and internal procedures and systems that ensure compliance with legislation and agreements.