Meaningful, long term contributions

Santos aims to make meaningful, positive long-term contributions in the communities in which we operate.

Strong and enduring community and stakeholder relationships are fundamental to our business. 

Our community investment strategy delivers real benefits, including local employment and training, use of local suppliers, provision of health and essential services, infrastructure investment, sponsorship, and community events and programs.

Santos employees live and work where we operate, contributing to activities and events which create vibrant communities.

We listen to our communities

We actively listen to community concerns and expectations and integrate them into our business planning.

From farmers on whose land we operate, Traditional Owners of the land, customers who depend on natural gas to fuel their business, to all levels of government, our stakeholders rightly expect responsible resource development.

We have always valued our role in the community, listening to what you, our stakeholders, are telling us and continually improving the quality of our engagement.



Working with landholders every day

Santos has a long and proud history of working with landholders across the country to unlock Australia’s abundant supply of natural gas, a fuel for the future. We only gain access to land under mutually agreed conditions. 

We have a dedicated team of land access representatives who work with landholders every day and we have hundreds of land access agreements in place.

Our team ensures:

  • We meet all legal obligations, including the rights of landholders
  • Early engagement and full transparency about potential future activities
  • Discussions about potential constraints and opportunities associated with land access
  • Mutually beneficial land access agreements
  • Support to landholders throughout the lifecycle of our operations


Queensland’s Wallumbilla community is enjoying faster, more reliable mobile phone and internet services after Santos installed a new Telstra communications tower on Summerhills, sharing the benefits of gas development with the communities in which we live and work.

Santos’ Roma East is a $750 million project which will create 400 jobs and supply nearly 50PJ of gas production to Queensland in 2020.

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