Outback Gondwana Foundation – 95 million years of history

A decade ago dinosaur bones dating back 90 to 95 million years were found in South West Queensland on Plevna Downs Station near Eromanga and Tarbat – a property where Santos has explored for, and produced, oil and gas for over 40 years.

A chance find by 14-year-old Sandy MacKenzie – a fourth generation Mackenzie to live on Plevna – led to the discovery of the remains of Australia’s largest dinosaur dinosaur species.

The MacKenzie family became the custodians and guardians of hundreds of tonnes of dinosaur bones and mega- and microfauna fossils, and so the not-for-profit Outback Gondwana Foundation was born.

With financial support from Santos and the Queensland Government, the Outback Gondwana Foundation will soon open a Natural History Museum in Eromanga to house and exhibit the amazing collection. Dinosaurs and fossils will form part of a valuable collection, which also will include other amazing examples of the flora and fauna from this unique environment.

Creating exciting employment opportunities for local people, the Eromanga Natural History Museum is set to attract scientists and tourists alike to this area of South West Queensland.