OzHarvest - Nourishing Western Australia

In 2014, Santos launched a major partnership with OzHarvest which will bring the dynamic food rescue group to Western Australia for the first time.

OzHarvest collects surplus food from all types of providers (including fruit and vegetable markets, supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, farmers, corporate events, catering companies, restaurants) and delivers that food free of charge to charity clients.

In addition to supporting those in need, OzHarvest also addresses the growing issue of food waste – Australians throw out $8-10 billion of food each year.

Our three-year partnership will see OzHarvest rescue and deliver 1.5 million meals in Perth, good food that would otherwise go to waste, which means charity organisations on limited budgets are therefore able to deliver to their clients a much higher standard of food than they would otherwise, while also saving money that they can then use to help more people more directly. Santos staff in Perth will also have the opportunity to join OzHarvest’s ‘Yellow Army’ of volunteers.

In the last financial year, OzHarvest delivered 7.6 million meals to 678 charities, saving 2,538 tonnes of food, 5,076 tonnes of carbon emissions and 362 million litres of water. Over a 10 year period, OzHarvest has delivered 30 million meals.