Asthma Foundation SA

Santos Ltd is proud to be associated with the Asthma Foundation SA.

Since 2009, Santos has been the Principal Partner supporting the great work of this vitally important not-for-profit organisation. 

Each year Santos staff volunteer and participate in Asthma Foundation SA’s primary fundraiser – the Take a Breather Rogaining Challenge. This is a great event for friends and families.

Asthma Foundation SA is a non-government, not-for-profit, registered charitable organisation. 

Asthma SA relies on public donations, bequests, and the support of corporate partners to fund core community services and programs.

For over 50 years, Asthma SA has supported South Australian’s to breathe better. Asthma is one of Australia’s most widespread chronic health conditions, affecting over two million Australians. Asthma is a serious condition and is recognised as one of the top eight health priorities in Australia. South Australia records the highest rate of hospitalisation from asthma and the highest mortality rates from asthma in the nation. (Asthma in Australia, 2011).


  • 394 people died from asthma in Australia in 2012 (ABS, 2014).
  • 70% of asthma deaths are considered to have preventable or modifiable factors (Asthma Mortality in Australia, 2012).
  • 90% of people with asthma do not use their device correctly (Woolcock Institute, 2008).
  • Over 50% of people with moderate asthma struggle with even light exercise (Short on Air Report, 2011).
  • Only 20% of people with asthma have an asthma action plan (Asthma in Australia, 2014).