Royal Australian Institute of Australia (RiAus)

Santos is the foundation partner of RiAus established in 2009 to create a science-literate society: one that encourages innovation; values education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and ensures a future science-savvy workforce.


By supporting RiAus (The Royal Institute of Australia Inc) as a Foundation Partner, Santos has been at the forefront of establishing Australia’s Science Channel, promoting public awareness and understanding of science.

Foundation funding from Santos continues to support RiAus to produce thought-provoking and entertaining events, broadcasts and publications as well as education and teacher support programs for people with little or no scientific background.

In just five years of operation the audience reach of RiAus has grown to over two million annual online interactions. RiAus continues to expand significantly since the launch of RiAus TV, Australia’s only dedicated online science channel.

Santos staff and customers are invited to discover the wonders of science, and to subscribe for weekly updates, on and