Monarto zoo internships

In 2009, the South Australian Murray Darling Natural Resource Management Board commenced a training and employment program aimed at engaging the local Aboriginal community in conservation and land Management, known as the Aboriginal Learning on Country (ALoC) Program.

The ALoC team undertakes a range of conservation activities across Monarto Zoo and neighbouring Crown land, including revegetation of agricultural land, native seeding and collecting to feed some of the Monarto Zoo’s animal species. The ALoC team also assist with feral animal control activities at the Aroona Sanctuary in the Flinders Ranges.

The program has been very successful. All of the participants have completed studies in Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management and are now working toward their diplomas in the same field.

Since 2013, Santos has been a major Sponsor of the Monarto Zoo’s ALoC program. The ALoC Team is currently working on an exciting new project: the construction of a native bush food program at the Indaba Bush Camp at the Zoo.