Environment and Climate Change

Our commitment to protecting the environment and supporting the transition to a clean economy is reinforced by support of community carbon abatement schemes, environmental research and education, water preservation, land conservation, community clean up and reforestation.

West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Project

Through Darwin LNG, Santos supports a program of traditional fire management practices by Indigenous landowners which reduces unchecked wildfires as well as greenhouse gas emissions, and preserves the cultural traditions of Indigenous landowners in the Northern Territory.

Right Whale Study

Santos has been supporting the Great Australian Bight Right Whale Survey since 2014. This study has been collecting data on Southern Right Whales in the Bight every year since 1991 and is recognised as one of the most long-term, comprehensive and reputable research studies on Southern Right Whales around the globe. Research has shown that the Southern Right Whale population of the Great Australian Bight is on the rise, with record numbers at the Head of Bight calving aggregation area, proving that oil and gas and sea-life can co-exist.

Cuttlefish dynamics in the Gulf

Since 2012, Santos has supported the Spencer Gulf Ecosystem and Development Initiative, a $2.5 million program to develop scientific understanding of the Gulf’s unique ecosystem and facilitate progressive and productive industries alongside environmental considerations.

It is led by the University of Adelaide, along with research partners South Australian Research and Development Institute and Flinders University. 

Ekka – supporting and improving farming businesses

It’s a little known fact that Santos has been in the agriculture business for many years, rearing and entering its own Droughtmaster cattle in the Queensland Ekka Show. Santos’ award winning cattle demonstrates the ability for natural gas operations to support and improve farming businesses and help drought-proof grazing land in the areas in which we work.

Through our operations, Santos produces a new source of irrigation quality water enabling Santos to grow crops which allow our award winning cattle to grow and thrive and demonstrating the benefits of sustainable coexistence with the natural gas industry. 

Nature Foundation SA

Santos has contributed to a significant environmental benefits (SEB) fund used to exclusively restore native vegetation funding the nature charity Nature Foundation SA, since 2009, as compensation for impacts to native vegetation.

The SEB contributions from Santos have assisted in both the purchase of Witchelina Station near Lyndhurst in South Australia and improvement of the condition of native vegetation at the property. Improvement is focused in two areas, reducing grazing pressure by feral herbivores such as rabbits, goats and horses and reduce predation pressure by foxes and cats.