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Supporting Australia since 1954.

Since discovering natural gas over 50 years ago, we’ve been working behind the scenes supplying it to generations of Australians. The same natural gas that supports communities, industries and our economy, while creating the everyday moments that so often go unnoticed. At Santos, we’re proudly Australian made.

Family BBQ

Santos, part of the community.

We’re proud to be part of the same communities that help fuel Australia. Through our natural gas operations, we’re partnering with local businesses, buying local products, and using local services. And by supporting these communities, looking after the environment and reducing our emissions we’re building a better future for Australia.

Hear first-hand how Santos helps support local communities and their businesses.

Stars Foundation and Clontarf Foundation
Mentoring young Indigenous students.

Narrabri Blue Boars
Rugby is an important part of the community.

AusOcean & Whyalla High School
A hands-on, engaging program for students.

Sue and Graham – Thomas’ Store
The industry brings people into the town.

Learn more about Santos’ community partnerships here



Santos is proud to help create a sustainable future for regional communities by partnering with local business and other organisations to listen, support, invest, create jobs and build skills for the future. Our presence in local communities makes a positive and lasting impact.



Natural gas supplied by Santos is widely used across many industries in Australia. It is also a key ingredient in manufacturing many everyday materials used to build our homes and appliances, including cement, plastics, paint and fabrics. Our schools, hospitals and sporting stadiums are all built using natural gas.



As an economically sustainable company, Santos contributes significantly to the national and regional economies where we operate. We’ve made significant contributions to the economy by investing more than $16 billion in Australian development projects since 2011.

Watch the campaign videos.

Proudly Australian Made.

Proudly Supporting Australian Communities.

Natural gas in everyday life

Natural gas is part of our everyday lives. From the clothes we wear and the heating and cooling in our homes; to all forms of transport including cars, bikes and the shoes we walk in. Thanks to gas we have phones, computers and pens to write with; as well as the cement and bricks that give us shelter and the carpet under our feet. It even helps us to make fertiliser and medical supplies, and the packaging for the food and beverages that we consume every day.

As an affordable and reliable energy source, natural gas is the energy source of choice for Australian businesses.

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