Supplier Information

Information for suppliers and contractors is available from this page.

This includes contract attachments, access to the sourcing system and other procurement documents.

Supplier Information

Santos Supplier Portal

The Santos Supplier Portal is a mechanism to enable communication between Santos and our Suppliers.


Procurement Documents – Santos Limited


Procurement Documents – GLNG


Procurement Documents – Santos Vietnam Pty Ltd


Contract Attachments

Please note:

Please refer to the contract terms for reference about the relevancy of these attachments. 
To access the Santos online forms, Contract Attachment Y & EHS documents please use the Santos Supplier Portal.
If you are unable to locate information you require please email us.



For more information contact:

Santos Limited
Procurement and Logistics
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Adelaide South Australia 5000
Tel: 08 8116 5000
Fax: 08 8116 7110

Invoice Submission
Email - [email protected]
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GPO BOX 2455
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