Santos Supplier Prequalification System

Santos has implemented the ‘Santos Supplier Prequalification System’ (SSPS) to make the process of supplying to Santos easier.

Santos has engaged the services of Achilles First Point Assessment (FPS) to operate the SSPS which will be used for supplier prequalification. 

FPS (formally Supplybase VRS) is a supplier registration system established by the Australian Competitive Energy (ACE) initiative of APPEA for the Australian oil, gas and downstream processing industry.

The use of the SSPS will enable Santos, as the buyer of goods and services, to standardise and streamline the way Santos engages with suppliers in different locations, efficiently and effectively prequalify suppliers and share that information across the Santos group of companies. This will reduce the cost, time and effort involved in doing business for both Santos and the suppliers

Santos Pre-qualification

Prequalification is the initial step in the sourcing process designed to identify and assess a supplier's capabilities, qualifications and experience. In becoming a pre-qualified supplier, suppliers may be invited to participate in Santos sourcing opportunities.

How to become a prequalified supplier

 Prequalification is a three-stage process consisting of:

  • Stage 1 - Registration – Registration of the goods and services a supplier is offering
  • Stage 2 - Verification – Provision of information on the goods and services a supplier is offering
  • Stage 3 - Prequalification Audit – Audit based the risk of the service being offered for medium and high risk activities

Prior to commencing registration it is recommended that the prospective suppliers read the Santos Supplier Prequalification System Questions and Answers and guides at the bottom of this page.

Stage 1 - Supplier Registration

All suppliers will need to complete Stage 1 Registration and provide basic information such as company contact details, products and/or services offered, trading address and region of supply.

There is no charge for Stage 1 Registration and it will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. It is recommended that you view the Stage 1 Registration User Guide before commencing the questionnaire as once you start you cannot save the submitted information until it is completed.

Stage 2 - Supplier Prequalification

Based on your responses to the Stage 1 Registration, you may be invited to join the Achilles First Point Supplybase (FPS) Oil and Gas Asia Pacific Community. To join this community, you maybe be asked to pay an annual subscription fee to Achilles. This subscription also provides you with the benefit of marketing your business to other oil and gas industry participants who are members of the FPS Oil and Gas Asia Pacific Community and use Achilles for supplier prequalification.

Stage 3 - Supplier Qualification Audit

Suppliers asked to progress to the audit prequalification phase for medium- and high-risk activities, are examined in accordance with additional prequalification criteria through either a desktop audit or a site audit. An additional fee for audit will apply.

Ready to Register

To commence supplier registration please visit Achilles Registration.

Santos Supplier Prequalification System exceptions

The following groups of suppliers are not required to register in SPS; commercial airlines, passenger rail Services, Partners to hydrocarbon trading agreements, landowners, government bodies, financial institutions, hotels and energy suppliers.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Santos Supplier Prequalification System please email [email protected]
Alternatively you can contact Achilles (SSPS service provider) on  +61 (0)7 3245 1744.



Registration and prequalification does not guarantee any business with Santos or that a supplier will be contacted by Santos.

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