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Barossa Gas Project: Learn more

Fourth generation Narrabri farmer Jeremy Gett has expressed his support for Santos’ operations on his land. Mr Gett, who has natural gas pilot wells on his family property, says he would never support any activities that jeopardise his family’s future.

Mr Gett tells his story in the first of a series of video features that highlight the support Santos has in the local Narrabri community and the benefits our operations bring to the area now and into the future.

Jeremy’s farm produces cereal and beef cattle on 1600 hectares outside Narrabri.

For 60 years, Santos, an Australian company, has operated safely and in partnerships with landholders like the Gett family and communities like Narrabri and others.

Mr Gett, who also works for Santos’ Narrabri operations team, reiterates that Santos are “extra vigilant” in all operations to ensure natural gas is extracted safely and the surrounding environment is protected.

“If I thought oil and gas could harm my farm in any way long term, it wouldn’t be happening on my place,” Mr Gett says.
“Coal seam gas is nothing new to me. It has been in this area around Yarrie Lake, I think I was around 8 the first time I saw a gas well. I’m 40 in a few months

“I’m a fourth generation farmer and I also work for Santos. Farming is my first passion. I was born and bred on the land obviously. My son is 15, he’s fifth generation. We have been here for 100 years – 100 years last month, the Gett family have been in this district.

“I love the land and I would never do anything to jeopardise our future here. To supply NSW with a significant part of their energy supply would be something I would be very proud of.”

Mr Gett dismissed claims that natural gas exploration has resulted in gas bubbling out of the ground.
“The only gas I know of in bores, goes back years and years. When you hear the old timers talking about some of these artesian bores, they could light them. And that’s years ago before there was any sort of exploration in this area.”

Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project could supply up to half of NSW natural gas to meet the needs of the one million NSW households and 34,000 businesses that rely on gas for affordable cleaner energy. The project will create up to 1,200 jobs during construction and 200 ongoing positions.

Mr Gett says it’s these jobs that will help train and support the future generations and encourage teenagers like his children to stay in the local area.

“Modern farming techniques and much larger machinery have decreased the need for farm labour,” Mr Get says.
“My children are lucky enough to have a rural background and a family farm, to support them if they decide to choose that path, other young people have no option but to leave the area to pursue a career or even to find a labouring job.

“We need diverse industries like the energy industry that provide employment and other opportunities for the next generation.
“In the past 100 years we’ve seen the arrival of the cotton industry, irrigators and others – all of which were initially opposed, but are now valued parts of the local community and the local economy.

“I have no doubt that the energy industry will be seen in the same way.”

Santos is currently finalising the Environmental Impact Statement for the Project which is an important step in ensuring the development meets the highest environmental standards.

View the video here.