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Santos has been safely and sustainably delivering natural gas for generations of Australian households, businesses and manufacturers.

We’ll continue to deliver affordable and reliable energy as we move towards a net-zero emissions future.

Affordable, reliable and lower emissions energy
A proudly Australian company, Santos aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. We’re building one of the largest carbon reduction projects in the world, pursuing energy efficiency,  investing in nature-based offsets and cutting edge technology for a clean fuels future.

Integration of renewable energy into our operations

Sustainable co-existence with marine wildlife

Moomba CCS carbon reduction project

Support for environmental study programs

Decarbonising for a clean fuels future

With 80 per cent of global primary energy still coming from hydrocarbon fuels, including natural gas – roughly the same as 45 years ago – we must focus on making these fuels cleaner and eventually net-zero emissions. Renewables alone cannot replace hydrocarbons in many uses beyond electricity.

Zero-emissions technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS) that make these fuels cleaner are essential to meet the world’s emissions reduction targets. As IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said recently: “Our numbers show that reaching net-zero goals without CCS will be almost impossible.”

Santos’ Moomba CCS project is a globally significant carbon reduction initiative and supports our transition to a clean fuels future.

Natural gas in everyday life

Natural gas is part of our everyday lives. From the clothes we wear and the heating and cooling in our homes, to all forms of transport including cars, bikes and the shoes we walk in.

Thanks to gas we have phones, computers and pens to write with, as well as the cement and bricks that give us shelter and the carpet under our feet.

It even helps us to make fertiliser and medical supplies, and the packaging for the food and beverages that we consume every day.

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Moomba CCS

Carbon reduction project in the South Australian outback.



A safe, reliable and zero emissions fuel.


Direct Air Capture

A key technology to reach climate change goals.


Bayu-Undan CCS

Potential carbon reduction project offshore Timor-Leste.