Appointment/Resignation of Director

Santos today announced that Guan Yu will be appointed to the Santos Board as the ENN nominated non-executive director effective 3 May 2019.

Mr Guan is President and a director of ENN Ecological Holdings Co Ltd. Prior to joining ENN, Mr Guan held senior executive roles with Shell China and Schneider Electric. Mr Guan holds an EMBA from China Europe International Business School.

Mr Guan replaces Yujiang (Eugene) Shi as the ENN nominated director. Mr Shi resigned from the Santos Board at the conclusion of the 2019 Annual General Meeting held in Adelaide today.

Santos Chairman Keith Spence welcomed Mr Guan to the Santos Board and thanked Mr Shi for his contribution and insights since his appointment to the Board in 2017.

Under the strategic relationship agreement signed with ENN in 2017, ENN has the right to nominate one person as a director of Santos, provided that it has an aggregate relevant interest of 15% or more in Santos.