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Santos continues to support schools in its project communities through the donation of sports equipment and academic awards as part of its corporate social responsibility to deliver necessary resources for the learning and growth of students as future leaders.

This year, through the Santos Community Affairs donation program, academic awards valued at PGK 19,400 and sporting equipment worth PGK 10,500 were purchased and distributed to selected schools in the communities within the three main Santos project areas in Gobe-Kikori (Gulf), Hides (Hela), and Kutubu (Southern Highlands).

Sporting equipment and accessories such as soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, rugby balls, volleyball nets, pumps, and whistles were distributed to 20 selected schools. These included six schools in Kutubu, two schools in Moran, six from Gobe/Kikori, and six schools in Hides.

Academic prizes will be presented during the schools’ graduations, mainly to Grades 8, 10, and 12 Dux students.

Earlier this month, a team from the Santos, including the Santos Foundation, was at Kutubu Secondary School to witness and present the first of the Dux and Leadership Awards to the graduating Grade 10 and 12 students at the school’s 24th Grade 10 graduation and 12th Grade 12 graduation ceremony.

Santos representative, Robbie Yekili, CA Kutubu Area Supervisor, spoke about Santos’ commitment to sports and education development and the existing community programs aimed at helping students excel both in sports and academically.

Yekili also encouraged the school and neighbouring communities to take ownership of the maintenance and care of the materials, including the new PGK 176,000 basketball court Santos is currently building for Kutubu Secondary School. He also emphasised the importance of having goals and visions in one’s life to avoid being involved in social issues like drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and teenage (or unplanned) pregnancies, and further reminded students that there is always a second chance available after failure.

Representing the Santos Foundation was Senior Project Manager Anthony Uechtritz, who was also the graduation guest of honour.

In his address to the students and graduates, Uechtritz spoke about the Santos Foundation’s Youth Opportunities program, which focuses on providing young people with foundational skills and targeted technical training to enhance their prospects for formal employment, community leadership, or further studies. He said the program aims to help young people in Kutubu reach their full potential and lead fulfilling and safe lives. He further emphasised that everyone’s learning journey is unique, encouraging students to keep going, stay focused on their goals, and believe their journey will lead them to a better future.