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For the past 10 years the Northern Territory and Timor-Leste team has been recycling and bagging cans to raise money to donate to charities in Timor-Leste.

On average the team raises between $6,000-8,000 each year which equates to around 75,000 aluminium cans or plastic bottles being recycled and reducing waste.

The most recent donation at Christmas last year was over 20,000 recycled cans and bottles, raising $2,054 for important social impact programs in Timor-Leste such as orphanages, charities and local schools.

We also contributed to the fund in the form of food vouchers made out to various orphanages across the country and Christmas presents to over 50 students from pre-primary school Nazareh II Maubisse, located in a very rural area where some children received Christmas presents for the very first time.

A big shout out to the team for such a great effort!