Sustainability Report 2007
The sustainability advantage
the sustainability advantage
Future success doesn’t come from preparing for what you think may happen, but rather from having the tools in place to deal with whatever does happen.

By continuing to measure our sustainability performance across all aspects of our business, we have the right mechanism in place to identify areas for improvement and recognise high performance.

I am pleased to report that our sustainability performance improved this year with many achievements both on the ground and in the implementation of policies and systems.

In particular I would like to highlight our very successful health and wellbeing program, the move into our new Santos Centre which exemplifies sustainable building design, the publication of our Human Rights Policy and the successful seismic acquisition in Vietnam and India – new regions for Santos.

However, it wasn’t a year without disappointments. An oil spill from the Moonie to Brisbane pipeline caused disruption and inconvenience to local residents. While this was regrettable, I would like to thank the Santos response teams for their prompt, professional response and ongoing efforts in the remediation of this site and the assistance they have provided to the local community.

Our vision is to become a leading energy company in South East Asia by the end of the decade with a share price that continues to grow and a reputation for sustainability in our operations.

We are committed to integrating the principles of sustainability into our day-to-day business, measuring our progress towards this goal and transparently reporting this progress.

We value our stakeholders’ opinions and so invite you to tell us what you think of this report here.

John Ellice-Flint
Managing Director

13 March 2008
Having a viable sustainability framework which is part of everyday life in all parts of the company gives Santos a perceptible advantage, enabling us to seize opportunities and meet challenges with clarity and confidence.
Left Managing Director,
John Ellice-Flint.