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UCL students visit Port Bonython


04 Apr 2012

UCL MSc students Matthew Bouraee and Lendyn Phillip with Santos' Kate Mann.

University College London students visited Santos’ Port Bonython facility this week to gain a better understanding of the significance of the company’s liquid petroleum products export business.

The UCL group includes staff and students from the UCL School of Energy and Resources, Australia, as well as two academics from Europe. The group visits the Whyalla region once a year to view latest developments in baseload and transport energy technologies.

The students are being hosted by at Santos by the company’s Improvement Coordinator, Kate Mann.

In addition to visits to Port Bonython the students are spending a morning at One Steel’s operation in Whyalla, as well as looking at coal and solar power plants near Port Augusta and a wind farm near Port Pirie, as part of the three-day Energy Technologies field trip.

Santos is a major supporter of UCL’s establishment in Australia, providing $10m of funding over seven years to help establish the school. Santos chief executive David Knox is a part of the UCL Australia advisory board.

UCL began in Australia in 2010 and graduated 12 students in December last year. Currently, 35 Santos staff are participating in the UCL Australia program.

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