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Santos named open source Global Innovator of the Year


10 May 2011

Santos' Darren Stanton accepting the award from Paul Cormier, Executive Vice President and President, Products and Technologies, Red Hat.

World's best: Darren Stanton, Adam Nye, Keith Skidmore, Alex Swanson and Quentin Smith.

Santos has won one of the most prestigious awards in the field of information technology, being named global Innovator of the Year at the annual Red Hat Summit in the US last week.

Software giant Red Hat is a major IT company on the world stage as the leading supplier of Linux, the system used for approximately 70% of servers worldwide.

The annual three-day conference hosts the awards to showcase the world’s best innovators in what is known as ‘open source’ software. (The term open source means the software is made freely available for use or modification and is usually developed by public collaboration (as opposed to private development) to progress information technology.)

Santos’ TurboVNC project beat companies including Nissan, DreamWorks InfinitiesSoft and Rancore Technologies to the honour, having already won the awards’ Optimized Systems category.

Notably, the Innovator of the Year award was voted on by industry peers and delegates at the summit – in other words, by those with a strong technical understanding of what the Santos project achieved – giving the award extra credence.

Santos entered to generate further support for the open source project that it is sponsoring, which would protect Santos’ investment.

Senior Geoscience Systems Specialist Darren Stanton attended the Red Hat Summit in Boston and accepted the award on Santos’ behalf. He paid tribute to the hard work of Santos’ Information Systems teams.

“In particular I would like to mention our Unix administrators Andy Fry, Daryl Tester, Quentin Smith, Alex Swanson and Adam Nye, and our Unix team leader Keith Skidmore. It’s definitely been a team effort and should be recognised as such,” Darren said.

The TurboVNC project has helped Santos’ geosciences teams through real-time national and international collaboration, simpler administration, better performance, lower costs, additional functionality, reliability, greater security and improved energy efficiency. More detail below.

Congratulations to Darren and the team on this exceptional achievement.

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Forging new ground in information technology

In 2010, Santos became a major sponsor of the open source team that created applications called TurboVNC and VirtualGL. Used together, this software provides Santos’ geoscientists with high-performance 3D graphics for all geoscience data analysis.

Through its ongoing annual sponsorship, Santos has given the team the necessary financial resources to further develop and improve these applications. The arrangement is a genuine win-win – improved technology directly benefits Santos and the progression of its projects.

The technology is used by Santos to display seismic data from prospective oil and gas fields to offices around the organisation. Significant investments are dependent upon accurate and comprehensive data interpretation, which places enormous importance on this technology for the success of Santos’ operations.

To date, the move towards open source has saved Santos $2.5 million over five years in operating costs and increased the speed with which incoming data is processed.

Further advantages come through the complete portability of each user’s geoscience desktop. Regardless of their location, users can connect to high-performance 3D graphics. Furthermore, real-time national and international collaboration and peer support between geoscience colleagues has become a reality, irrespective of participants’ locations.

This new technology has greatly simplified many aspects of data management. All Australian-based users now share one set of applications, databases and seismic data, removing the need for discrete pieces of infrastructure and overnight synchronisation of data between Santos sites.

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